Something new…

So I’ve started a blog, because obviously with my final year of university creeping around the corner and being a hormonal girl in her twenties with no idea where her life is going clearly isn’t exciting enough!

But anyway! I now have a blog to add to my social media archive (Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook, Pinterest just in case you were wondering!)

So why? 

Well I’m not entirely sure, I originally I thought it would be something new to keep me busy throughout the summer before going back to university, and then realised it could possibly help to keep me sane throughout what could easily be the most stressful year of my life with the dreaded dissertation and my uncertain future looming.

I’m also hoping that this blogging lark will help me to find my passion for writing and reading again. In my first year of university I studied English and Psychology but this kinda killed my love for writing and literature so I decided to swap to single honours Psychology. So yeah lets fall in love again!

Plus you never know the world may enjoy my inner waffling and quaint views of my surroundings.

So here’s to getting confused and muddling through this thing called life together!


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