Review: The Invisibobble

The Invisibobble!

About a month ago, thanks to my lovely housemate’s girlfriend, I received 3 ‘invisibobbles’ from a local hairdressers to test out and review! After all the hype about these little springy rings I wanted to see if they were as good as everyone has made them out to be!

The Invisibobble is supposed to be a ‘traceless hair ring’ that can be used instead of a regular hair tie. Meaning that if like me you like to have straightened hair but can’t work with it hanging in your face, you should be able to tie your hair up for numerous hours and have no kinks when the ring is removed. The ring is also made from a recyclable, eco-friendly plastic material which can be easily cleaned and also come in different colours such as the usual black, brown, white and also clear or funk neon colours! I usually like to have hair ties that are similar to my natural hair colour but I opted for the clear option because of summer coming up and the sun tends to make my hair lighter, so my hair is likely to go from a dirty blonde to a lighter blonde!

 Strong Hold?

The grip when using the invisibobble in my opinion is not as strong as when using a regular hair tie. When I first used it I was worried  that it would snap if I stretched it too much but so far its still going strong and still manages shrink back down to almost the original size. I don’t believe that it would good for the more delicate ties such as braids, however I haven’t had the chance to try this out yet!  I tend to use it when having a messy bun day or a ponytail.  I can jump around and wear my hair in a bun or ponytail during a workout/run without it losing grip or looking a mess.

Avoid Headaches?

According to the invisibobble website the ring should allow you to avoid headaches which result from wearing your hair up ‘through the pressure distribution of invisibobbles, pulls this innovative scrunchy neither individual nor hair of the scalp, thus avoiding headaches’. I have used the invisibobble for around a month now so have experienced pushing it to a limit including wearing it overnight, all day and for workouts/swimming and cant seem to find a fault! It doesn’t feel as tight when compared to normal hair ties but the invisibobble is definitely less painful, in the month that I have been using them I haven’t experience any pain at all even when tying them as tight as possible! Good riddance ponytail/ hair tie headhaches!

No Kinks?

The hair ring is supposed to be used in the same way as a normal hair tie which is what I have done for the month I have had them. The most publicized feature is that it is supposed to be traceless. Meaning you should be able to wear it all day without it leaving any kinks in your hair. I was skeptical at first as I have never been able to have my natural hair kinkless let alone straighten my hair and put it up without it resulting in unwanted kinks after 24 hours. But I have found that it really doesn’t leave any marks on my hair. Which is pretty brilliant really! Apparently this is because of ‘the special shape of the ring, pressure in the hair is so cleverly distributed that a deformation of the hair is avoided.’ 


Well since recieving my 3 invisbobbles about a month ago, unfortuately my mum has stolen one but I have still used the remaining two every time i have my hair up, I even keep one around my wrist instead of the usual hair tie (ps deffo more trendy and nicer than hair ties on the wrist!). The Invisibobble is, in my opinion, definitely worth it and not entirely sure how I’ve survived without them for so long!

You can buy a set of 3 hair rings online at Amazon for £2.95 or in store at Boots for £3.75!

I would grab them before everyone else figures out how brilliant they are!


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