Friday Favourites! (2)

I know, I know I’ve been hanging a bit behind lately with the posts! Considering I only set up my little plan (check it out here) a couple of weeks ago that’s pretty terrible! But I’m trying, pinky promise.. You know when you have a bad couple of days and you just feel like laying in […]

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Slimming World! (week 2)

Its been a bit of a odd couple of weeks in terms of everything including my Slimming World journey, due to hormones, feeling a bit down, days out and the start of the summer holidays! But there has still be lots of good but also lots of bad! So I started cutting down and eating a […]

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Home? Where is it? 

   Well as you may have noticed the last few weeks I have been pretty quiet on the posting front and I’m not entirely sure about the reasons behind this. All I know is the last few weeks I’ve been feeling a bit down, not sure if it’s this horrible weather that the UK believes is […]

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Friday Favourites! (1)

Well the first week of trying to have regular posts hasn’t gone quite to plan, due to having such a hectic week with my babysitting duties and lots of other bits! But oh well try and try again! Hopefully I’ll get the into the swing of it soon! Due to this being my first favourites […]

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Slimming World! (week 1)

Week 1!  So after some careful consideration I’ve decided that I’m going to begin my slimming world journey again. Yes, I did only start it about 2 months ago, and yes I’ve lost track already and need to start again! Well kinda anyway, basically when I started my placement in mid May I started cutting down […]

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