So since I’ve just started up with all the blogging stuff, I figured it was probably a good idea to have some kind of plan! When I started on my blog I had this idea that blog posts would just come to me and that I could just use this to waffle about my life etc! Turns out I was a little wrong, only about the blog posts coming to me magically! (I’ll still be waffling about my life, don’t worry!) But anyway I have a few drafts of some posts but after my post about The Invisibobble, I had a sudden realisation that actual people would be reading this. Real life people would be reading the random stuff that comes out of my head, so maybe to save you all from the mess that is my brain it may be an idea to get organised and have some kind of routine to these posts! (Also so I know what I’m doing and I don’t end up rambling on about random stuff like oranges or periods!)

So the last few days I’ve been thinking about different things I could post about on a regular basis and what kind of ideas I had for posts and how often I would post. As you all know I am at university and even though it’s summer and I have a fair amount of free time I also still have uni work and other plans so I can’t become a blogger 24/7, so I need to get into a routine so this blogging lark doesn’t get forgotten about when life does get a bit hectic!

I came to the conclusion that I would like something that I can write about on a weekly basis and something that I can write about on a monthly basis in order to make sure that I don’t just blog loads for a week and then give up. This will also help to make posting a bit of a habit!

This is what I came up with:


  • A monthly review of the previous month and set of goals for the month to come. Which will probably be at the end of every month. I’ve seen a fair amount of bloggers do these kind of posts and also on Instagram too! Plus they seem quite straight forward just waffling about what I felt went well or what made me happy and what didn’t!

and possibly:

  • Monthly travel wish list! One city or country a month and why I would want to go or what my plans would be if I did go! Not sure if this is going to be a regular or just the occasional month when I have more inspiration for travel!


  • Friday favourites Involving pretty much anything! Music, TV, books,  food, make up, events or days out, clothing, quotes etc
  • Tuesday is slimming world weigh in day so decided I may as well do a weekly post about my progress and weight loss journey!
  • Sunday- Weekly wish list! Involving anything from Pinterest, etsy, clothing, make up, nails, workouts, food etc

This allows spaces for all the other random waffling my brain can produce for posts and all the emotional outbursts!

I already have lots of posts penciled in my Filofax ready and also set up in my drafts folder, so I can draft posts on the go and get a move on with this blog and hopefully make this blog a habit and permanent part of my life! 

Depending on how much time I have, this routine will either start tomorrow with the Friday favourites or on Tuesday with my Slimming World progress!

Shall see what happens!


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