So who is Grace?


This is me in my thinking chair, this where I figure things out, do my work and sort out problems. In this picture I’m drawing maps (I’m on number 7 so far), for a treasure hunt which we obviously aren’t doing today but on my next birthday when I’m 7. They are definitely not to the shop which is what my mum asked.

My mum asks me to do things but I’m not her servant so she has to do it herself like a grownup!

Today is Saturday and a day off and it’s very hot outside as its nearly summer. My bike is shiny and it has stabilizers, I took notes about my bike earlier.

I wanted to start a newspaper as I like writing and I have my own special notebook called a Filofax. Lauren said I could have my own news page on her website.

10 things about Grace:

  1. My mum says I’m really gobby and loud.
  2. I am 6 years old.
  3. I like books, doing things and writing.
  4. I am brilliant, and I have lots of friends.
  5. I can sing the alphabet.
  6. I don’t like going outside.
  7. Anything that smells like cheese makes me feel sick so I have to sit somewhere special at lunch time.
  8. I loveeeeeee strawberries.
  9. I run like a fairy.
  10. I leave a trail of post it notes and paper everywhere I go.

My mum puts stuff on her Facebook about me too so Lauren is going to add them to my page. 

Love Grace


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