Slimming World! (week 1)

Week 1! 

So after some careful consideration I’ve decided that I’m going to begin my slimming world journey again. Yes, I did only start it about 2 months ago, and yes I’ve lost track already and need to start again! Well kinda anyway, basically when I started my placement in mid May I started cutting down and re-started slimming world after having a year completely off plan.. But these past 2/3 months I haven’t been very strict, I was kinda only ‘dieting’ when I felt like it! Every other week I was weighing myself and I had managed to lose a brilliant 21lbs which considering I didn’t make many changes to my lifestyle, I thought was absolutely brilliant!!

Until I went to get weighed today in Boots… Somehow within a week I have managed to put on half a stone! Yes I said half a stone, 7lbs, a third of my previous weight loss.. all undone! Brilliant. I wanted to cry to put it simply. I know I hadn’t put much if any effort into losing weight this time around but still! Other people had started noticing my weight loss and I felt a lot better in my self and the fact that I had lost something helped my confidence (and my skin!!) a hell of a lot and to find out I had screwed up was pretty horrible!

I know that a persons weight, looks etc are not how a person is defined and definitely not the ‘be all and end all’ of life but for me, it has always been something I’ve been conscious of. When I eat healthier and look a bit slimmer, it really effects my mood, confidence and my overall attitude towards life.

So I’ve decided to start a fresh! New plan, new mindset and hopefully a new outcome! Basically I would love to get down to 10st or possibly 9st7 as this would put me bang in the middle of the healthy BMI and would hopefully get me back down to what I was 4 years ago size wise. This means I have 1st7 – 2st to lose. If I can lose 21lbs in 8 weeks without really trying I’m sure that if I put my mind to it I should be able to smash this! You know with girl power and all that! 

My downfall is pasta, as you all know I am a tortellini addict, I love the stuff, and while the usual dried pasta is syn free and I can eat as much as I like, tortellini is ridiculously high in syns. Which is a little heart breaking, since it’s so quick and easy to cook and tastes so heavenly, but it looks like we will be on a break for a while!

So here’s my plan: 

  • Stick to EE plan, with no more than 10 syns a day… All the frozen curlywurlies, baked beans with vinegar and sweet potato chips!
  • Drink as close to 2 litres a day or possibly more. I struggle to drink enough liquids but I find if it is cold or in ice form where I can chew/ crunch at it (yes I’m odd I know!) I enjoy it more and therefore get through more liquid!
  • Try to do some form of body magic at least 3 times a week. I seem to love a bit of cardio or so I have discovered, so lots of skipping and running! Also I have my Pacer app counting my steps etc!
  • Weigh in on Tuesday’s at 12 noon in Boots… 12 weeks to be precise! Meaning 12 little pieces of paper to help show my journey!
  • Take progress pictures! I’ve never done this before but from people’s stories on Instagram they find that this is very helpful and can help to stay motivated. Sometimes the scales won’t show a change but your body will.


So every Tuesday until I return to university starting today, I will try to post an update of how the weight loss is going and how the week was in terms of general emotions (because being female I have ALL the emotions ALL the time!), food, water intake, exercise and weight loss. I will also most probably be giving updates as to the new recipes such as the SW Chips and Cauliflower rice (reviews coming soon!!) I attempted recently, I have tried and all the yummy treats/ not-so-slimming world days!

Here’s to a new happier, healthier and bloody hot me!



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