Friday Favourites! (1)

Well the first week of trying to have regular posts hasn’t gone quite to plan, due to having such a hectic week with my babysitting duties and lots of other bits! But oh well try and try again! Hopefully I’ll get the into the swing of it soon!

Due to this being my first favourites post I had to actually think about what I wanted to post about and what about this past week has really excited me! As tbh I tend to get excited about a lot! Hopefully if I ever become a bit more organised I can start making mental notes or even physical notes for these posts and they may gain some structure and rhythm!

As I tend to get over excited I put a limit of 5 on my favourites! covering University results, food and some other exciting bits and bobs!

So here goes!

1. Colouring books

My wonderful mum popped into town the other week and she miraculously remembered that I had been harping on about these ‘Adult colouring books’ that I had seen so many people on Instagram using and on Pinterest of course! So when she went into our local book store she brought me one as they were on offer and I love it! I’m slightly obsessed if I’m honest!

I can remember when I was little we had a little tourer caravan and when it was raining me and my sister would sit at the fold down table that would later magically turn into our bunkbeds and colour for hours on end. Just chilling listening to the rain, possibly some chips in the fryer with our little colouring books with all these stain glass windows and squiggly flowers in.

So now when I’m colouring it reminds me of then and I get so chilled out while I’m colouring in the random patterns it great! It’s like you are concentrating on colouring that you forget about everything around you, but then it also feels like it takes no brain power or concentration at all!

And for £3.99 that’s not a bad price to pay for a few zen relaxation hours!

2. Water

Water the brilliant stuff! So as that I’ve recently started Slimming World again this meant that I needed to drink more fluids and actually attempt to drink the daily recommended amount of 2 litres! Which for me, if I managed to drink even half of that it would probably be a miracle! For some reason I really struggle to drink much, whether it’s Coke, squash or water.

But anyway, I tried to start drinking more fluids and due to the slimming world diet this meant either sugar free squash, diet coke or plain water, and now I think my life has changed for the better! It’s brilliant stuff and either I’m slightly high on a mixture of life and overload of water or someone has refrained from letting me in on this pretty wonderful life tip!

Basically between my mum and me we have discovered that tap water (at home in Norfolk) and sweet things such as chocolate has a pretty bad effect on my complexion, basically they turn my face into a pizza! However bottled water actually helps to clear my skin and prevents my skin drying out a hell of a lot!

So water, I have discovered to be very magical! Clears my skin, helps preventing my nails, hair and skin drying out and helps me to lose weight! Not sure what else I’d want from a cheap drink and that also is free most of the time and falls from the sky! Meaning I will be continuing to try and drink more water and I will learn to love it! Yes I do occasionally feel like I’m drowning in my own body when I manage to drink 2 litres but I will get there! One day, I hope anyway!

3. Social Media

So when I started my placement in May I decided that I would take a break from social media as I had returned home so it was a chance for me to escape the mad dramatic 20’s university life for a while after feeling a bit weighed down and drained through overload of hormones and general lifey type stuff! This gave me some me time and reconnect with myself and my family and become a functioning adult again!

But I’m back! and oh how I’ve missed it!!

Pretty proud of the fact that I lasted 2 months without checking or posting on Twitter or Facebook! Which for me is pretty damn good considering I usually over-post everything! I’m that person who Tweets every damn minute when I’m in a mad mood or is constantly posting statuses about my cat on Facebook! … Because everyone needs to know what Jaffa is doing obvs!

I forgot how much of a nosey parker I was and how much I enjoyed stalking randomer’s and scrolling through the lives of others! Yes I may have lost a few hours of sleep over the past week due to this obsession with observing other people’s lives on social media (hence the Psychology degree, duh!) and Pinterest of course!

So my break from social media was fantastic to get away from everyone for a while and to stop seeing other people post and feel like their life was better than mine. But it also feels  great to be back and be in the frame of mind where that sort of stuff doesn’t bother me so much. Yes I still get jealous of all these people standing on beautiful beaches with their toned, slim bodies but hey ho I’m still pretty alright and I’m okay where I am!

But anyway yeah, feels pretty great to be back!

4. Chip seasoning and food

Me being the nosey person that I am I wanted to see what all the hype was about this ‘chip seasoning’ so when me and mum where food shopping I threw a bottle in the trolley (and at £1.59 a tub, obviously without her seeing of course!) This week while I’ve been attempting to stay good on SW I thought I would try some on my slimming world chips to see if it was as fantastic as I have heard.

oh. my .god.

They were AMAZING. I don’t know what it is, but they tasted fantastic I cant even describe what they tasted like. I would have said they tasted like chips but a bit like the seasoned, spiced, paprikay crispy chips some chip shops sell?

Absolutely heavenly! Everyone should go try it now!

Also it tastes pretty damn fine on sweet potato chips, mine where a bit soft as I couldn’t wait to try them again so didn’t leave them in the oven for long enough but still so yummy!

Shall be putting a more detailed review/recipe on my Slimming World update on Tuesday with my other yummy recipe testing including cauliflower rice!

5. University Results

So this is pretty damn big one for me for this week, hence why I’ve saved it for last! This is also why my Friday Favourites are a day late!

Basically I’ve been waiting since the end of university in May to find out how I did in my exams and whether or not I had passed the year and could move onto year 3 or if I would have to resit some modules or the entire year.

Basically I passed! Some how, I have no idea how, but anyway I managed to pass the year with decent grades! Meaning that I can now enrol for my final year of university! I have no idea how I managed to pass considering that I missed probably over 60% of my lectures due to illness, personal circumstances or pure laziness (10 minute walk for a 9am lecture about stats after a night out? I don’t think so!) And I also didn’t think my exams went to well  and to find out I had managed to get through the year with okay grades and not a complete fail or terrible grades is a actual miracle!

Someone up above is definitely pulling in favours for me somewhere!

But yeah I’m absolutely over the moon! My summer can officially start as I no longer have to worry about finding money for resits (at £70 a module not really going to happen in my financial state) and can get on with planning my dissertation and enjoying my summer at home in surprisingly sunny Norfolk!

Lets see if next week can be as great as this week!

Also check out my wishlist on Sundays and slimming world update on Tuesdays!

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