Slimming World! (week 2)

Its been a bit of a odd couple of weeks in terms of everything including my Slimming World journey, due to hormones, feeling a bit down, days out and the start of the summer holidays! But there has still be lots of good but also lots of bad!

So I started cutting down and eating a bit better when I started my placement in May for 6 weeks, and I found it went very well because I was out of the house and only eating the food that I had packed. Plus I was too tired most days to even think about food! That was until my placement finished and I returned to Chester to sort out my room and see the girls before coming back to Norfolk for the Summer! So for the whole week I went a bit mad, I had take out, KFC and also a night out so that definitely didn’t do wonders for the diet! This also kinda carried on for a couple of weeks as I found it very difficult to get back into routine and cut out the bad stuff when I had so much free time on my hands!

So time for the figures!

My start weight was about 12st 6lbs and I manage to get this down to about 11st 7lbs by the start of my placement. Whilst on my placement I managed to get this down to a wonderful 10st 13lbs!! But then I went a bit over the top when in Chester and this went back to 11st 6lbs! Yes I was very disappointed and yes I did cry andscoff through 2 portions of tortilini!

But I’m back on it!

I even tried exercise!!! (YAY for me!) It was only a 10 minute run and two lots of 20 minute cardio sessions..

Oh and also the 5K Race for Life last week! Check me!

So the last couple of weeks I’ve been pretty much on plan every day, except for a few days when I went a little over my syns but still healthy-ish choices! I’ve tried lots of new recipes including sweet potato chips, cauliflower rice, overnight oats and baked oats.

Me and my best friend also had a little sleep over last week (because at 20 years old we still do this!) to catch up and a little gossip about life! But as she is also on slimming world we had a slimming world dinner of salmon/veg and also slimming world snacks/fizzy! So even though it felt like the usual get together, I didn’t leave he next day feeling guilty about eating rubbish!

The first week I was very unimpressed with my weigh in, I had been on plan all week and extra good and I had only lost 1lb! It is better than nothing but I had hoped I had done a lot better! But since then the progress seems to be getting better and quicker and I have managed to get back down to 10st 13lbs…

So over the next couple of weeks I am hoping to stick to plan and hopefully I’ll get to target in no time!





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