Friday Favourites! (2)

I know, I know I’ve been hanging a bit behind lately with the posts! Considering I only set up my little plan (check it out here) a couple of weeks ago that’s pretty terrible! But I’m trying, pinky promise..

You know when you have a bad couple of days and you just feel like laying in bed with Netflix or the One Tree Hill/ Harry Potter Boxset and all the food the world has to offer and not moving for a while? Well that’s pretty much been me for the last week or so!

So yeah soz for the break in posts but I’m back!

Anyway I hope everyone has had a brilliant week, despite the terrible weather here in the UK, pretty sure its been raining constantly for the last week! And if you’ve been lucky enough to go to on some exotic holiday containing some form of sunshine or even luckier and live in a nice summery place, I’m very jealous and I hope you’ve had a miserable week! (I joke dw guys I still love you!)

Anywho despite the terrible weather and my hormones being all over the place the last couple of weeks, here are the wonderful things that have made me happy!

1. New OPI and Nail Inc Varnishes!

So last week my mum and sister finished work for the summer as they work in a local pre-school that closes over the summer for the 6 weeks holiday. I went a long to their last day where they had a little leavers party for the children going up to the primary school and a big picnic where parents and family were welcome to go along. All of the staff received presents from parents to say thank you for all their hard work, these included the usual chocolate, pens, wine, cards but my sister and mum also received a lovely OPI nail set.
As neither my mum or sister wear nail varnish they kindly gave this to me to add to my ever growing collection. The colours are beautiful and I think the thing I love the most is that most glitter varnishes I have tried leave a bumpy feel to the nail but these little beauties don’t they are lovely and smooth even with 3 coats of glitter!

Also while in TK Maxx at the weekend I managed to find this lovely bright red Nail Inc colour for the cheapy price of £2! I’m a little in Love with it if I’m honest.. its an amazing shade of red that looks amazing with my slightly tanned hands, I also suspect it will be a great Winter/ Christmas colour too! All that with the usual glossy, long lasting finish that all of my Nail Inc varnishes have! Plus the brush is just the right size not too thick that too much varnish smothers the nail but not too small that it takes forever to apply! LOVE IT!

2. Years and Years!

So I’ve had this little wonder in my draft list in many different forms for a while! I started to write a post about my favourite albums, then about my summer playlist and then just realised that it would take forever as I constantly falling in love with new music! But the Years and Years album Communion is amazing! Its still in my playlists and most played since it came out in June! I love it!

They are quickly becoming one of my favourite artists, along with the usual Taylor Swift, Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran of course! Every time I listen to this album I feel like I’m listening to it for the first time, I’m constantly finding new things and new favourites, I swear it changes every time I hear it!

Anyway give em a listen, they are brill!

My faves are: Memo, Take Shelter, Desire, Worship and Real!

Check me even linking the YouTube videos, being all helpful and all that!

3. New Glasses!

So a couple of weeks ago my Grandad let me borrow some money because I’m a poor student and all that so that I could go get some glasses as apparently my old ones from 3 years ago are no longer working as I’m now both short sighted and long sighted? Who knew eh?

So on Saturday I was able to go and pick up my glasses and well I can see again! Yay! Its like the world is in HD!

I figured as that the Osiris glasses I wanted were in the sale for £99 (even came with a fancy case!)  I may as well go for the the deal that Specsavers has on that is 2 for 1 on anything over £69. So I got some snazzy new sunnies too, meaning I can look cool in sun glasses when I’m driving and not kill anyone in the process!

So yeah thats cool and stuff!

4. Hair Growth!

On Tuesday as I had a lot of free time on my hands and wasn’t leaving the house due to rain, I decided to straighten my hair for the first time in possibly about 6 months! And I discovered that my hair seems to be growing rather quickly! In October I had a spontainious idea to cut most of my hair off, bearing in mind this was in winter after walking the 15 minute walk back from a lecture at 7pm and just after Freshers week had finished, I probably wasnt in the correct state of mind to make such extreme decisions. But anyway I split my hair into 2 pig-tails and cut 8 inches of my hair off. Yes I said 8 inches.. by myself! 

Probably not my most ridiculous idea, considering the week later I brought a tiny ginger kitten, who is now my little fluffy Jaffa,  for £15 to live with myself and 4 other housemates in a student house which states no pets allowed under any circumstances….

But hey gotta be a bit wild every now and then!

Anyway my hair is growing very fast and I’m still undecided whether to carry on letting it grow back to the length it was meaning it will be getting stuck in my knickers/ jeans every time I get changed and take over an hour to brush some days. Or to cut it short again which is easier for the lazy girl in me!

5. One Song Workouts!

I was on Pinterest in bed the other night as usual and I came across something called ‘one-song-workouts’ not sure if anyone else has heard of these? But I thought I would give them a go. To start some simple exercise and help with the weightoss.

Anyway they usually last for one song so about 4 minutes and I found some that are set to specific songs and then some generic ones which are supposed to be able to fit with most fast paced songs, meaning you can make your own playlist. You wouldn’t have thought that by the end of one song you could be sweating and panting but I was. So either I’m really unfit or these are alright! The fact that they are only one song also means that they go quite quickly and you can fit them in when ever you like throughout the day!

So anyway I’m trying to do all four generic options throughout the day so I’m getting a 15+ miunte workout each day but it doesn’t feel the same each day as you can change the songs and can space them out.

Anyway will let you know if they help my weightloss in the next Slimming World update!

Let me know the highlights of your past week!

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