Slimming world! (week 3)

So this week I’ve tried to stick to plan every day, but due to me having a bit of a sweet tooth and my hormones finally settling out I’ve had a few hiccups!

Good points:

  • I’ve stuck to plan 80% of the week
  • I’ve been within my syns!
  • I’ve used my healthy extras every day!
  • Even managed 3-4 red days! Which is a miricle since I love me some carbs!
  • My roast on Sunday was even within my syns which is a first!
  • Drinking a hell of a lot more even if it is in tea form!

Bad points:

  • I had a McDonald’s yesterday but only half a happy meal! (2 chicken nuggets and a handful of chips!)
  • I also went to the cinema yesterday with Grace to see Inside Out (which is brilliant btw!) and only had about 10 malteasers!
  • Did give in to a mini chocolate sponge with cream (all 18 syns of it!!) on Friday night as my mum was having a pig out!

Aside from the few hiccups I’ve had a pretty damn good week! I’ve eaten lots of veg and with doing red days it meant I had to eat something that wasn’t potatoes or pasta!  Lots of steamed carrots, baby corn, broccoli etc with tuna, ham or chicken!

Also everyone needs to check out this app – Plant Nanny! It is brilliant and I love it! It has helped me to drink more and with reminders every 2 hours it’s brilliant! You can also set up your most used forms of drink such as a 500ml bottle or a 350ml cuppa! Love it! And my dandelion is growing like a trooper!


Anyway the important bit… The dreaded scales!  I lost 1lbs compared to last week! I had a couple of weigh ins during the week such as after the cream cake hiccup which said I was 3lbs up from last week! So to be down 1lbs is pretty amazing!  Well I think so anyway!

Hope you’ve all had a brilliant week!

Here’s to another week of hopefully clean eating and lots of liquids!



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