Friday favourites!! (3)


So this week has been pretty wonderful, not to brag or anything! Lots of good things in all areas of my life, especially socially. The last few weeks as you know I’ve been feeling a bit lost and down and I think it’s mainly to do with lack of interaction with people my own age (soz mum and sisters, I still love you but need to talk to someone who isn’t 6!) and just generally feeling a bit useless!

But anyway! I’ve had a brilliant week and here are my top 5 amazingness filled things that have made me smile over the last 7 days!


Has anyone else discovered these new M&M’s?! They are giant and amazing! I’m not usually a fan of the chocolate M&M’s as I’m slightly obsessed with the blue crunchy ones. But still giant M&M’s? Come on.. I had to give them a go!

They accompnaied the new season of The Great British Bake Off perfectly! Even if the new contestants were slightly boring..

PJ’s on, M&M’s and cuppa in hand, new season of GBBO, absolute bliss.

Anyway I found these in Asda if anyone else wants to give them a go!


So on Tuesday mum and me decided to have a little wonder around town and it resulted in us ordering lots of goodies in Hughes! Mum has wanted a new fridge-freezer for a while, as the one we have at the moment is not big enough for our love of food. So we have ordered a nice new shiny fridge-freezer which is HUGEEE! It’s very tall and has 5 yes 5 big freezer drawers! Meaning I can have an entire draw for cake and ice-cream! Hopefully anyway! download

I have also ordered myself a jazzy new HiFi Sonos System! Not sure if anyone has heard of these as until Tuesday I didn’t know these little magic machines existed. Basically it’s a wireless speaker that connects to phones, tablets etc via wifi. Meaning I can have music in the bath, garden etc without it sounding tinny or odd through my mobile phone speaker.

Last but not least I have ordered myself a new 17.3in Toshiba laptop! Very exciting stuff! I have had my desktop for 3 years now and I love it but due to traveling up to Chester and back it’s a lot of work to pack it up every time I come home, meaning I can’t get work done when I’m at home. My mum has decided that she is going to have my desktop to save her the weekly payments from her desktop. Hopefully having a laptop will also make doing my uni work and blogging a lot easier!

So will let you know my thoughts when they arrive!

Slimming world stone bracket!

This week on my slimming world journey I managed to break another stone bracket! Which is very very exciting as it means I’m one step closer to the my target. I do get very excited about all my losses no matter how small but when I make it into another stone bracket it makes it easier to see the change and it’s so much nicer to see the scales change in such a small but also big way. But yeah that’s cool and means that my hard work is paying off! 

Days in and out!

This weekend my mum is away for 3 days near Blackpool to help with her friend on her daughters 1st birthday, as my mum is the queen of birthday parties for girls as shes has 4 daughter and 20 years of experience! So I’m looking after my sisters and the cats for the weekend and house sitting. Meaning I will have lots of movies to watch and all the catching up to do with the sky box with the little munckins!  I may also write a mother post about this weekend depending on how lazy or productive I’m feeling! 


We also went to our local country park for a nice stroll and picnic, which was lovely especially because the sun was finally out! Great to spend some time with my mum and sisters and make memories that they can go back to school with.

Catching up!

The last couple of days have been brilliant for me socially, I’ve managed to have some great, lovely, long catch ups with my uni girls to see how thier summer is going and have a good giggle. Lots of hilarious conversations and I miss you’s, and by the sounds of it we are all counting down the days till we are back together in lovely Chester, getting drunk on cheap vodka, making fools of ourselves and laughing lots! 1510930_10152111806006259_717932149_n

I’ve also managed to schedule another girly catch up night with my best friend as our last one was cut a little short due to work and other commitments. This means that we can have a proper catch up about uni and relationships to make sure we are both doing wonderfully as always and obviously a good gossip! The last couple of years we have kinda drifted a bit because we moved to different universities and we have both had a lot of changes to go through which has taken up most of our time, leaving little time for Costa catch ups and sleepovers. But hopefully with all these little catch ups and more time together over the summer it will help to bring us closer again.

Also can we take the time to appreciate that Wildest Dreams is going to be Taylor Swift’s next single?!! My favorite song on her new album and she’s actually going to release it! Alllll the happy feelings!

So yeah I’ve had a brilliant week! and with lots of new plans, deliveries and people to see next week is also going to be filled with lots of smiles and amazing days!

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Hope you have all had a brilliant week filled with smiles and lovely memories!




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