10 Things To Help You Get Through A Bad Day

With summer coming to an end, the weather slowly starting to cool down and the impending return to university, work and
normal life looming everyone is bound to have a down day. The idea of early alarms and actual work to go back to after, what has been for me, a long summer break with pretty much no plans can be kinda daunting. I know for me at least I’m going to miss my long lay-ins and Netflix days when I get back to Chester and back to the joys that are 9am lectures and long statistical assignments!

So I figured I would share with you guys some of the things I tend to do if I’m feeling a bit down, hormonal or just generally need a bit of Me time to reload to get some of my positivity back. 


Now I usually have some form of music playing pretty much all the time just because I seem to get things done quicker and I’m not really a fan of silence! But when I’m feeling a bit down this music gets a little louder and it is usually on Shuffle, rather than the usual ‘Recently Added’ or Taylor Swift. This means that while getting all the usual stuff I choose to listen to,  also have some good old 90’s pop – which brings a little smile to your face when you realise you still know all the words to A1 and the Spice Girls, the emotional belters – which give you a reason to sing as loud as possible and be as emotional as you possibly can with alllll the hand gestures and facial expressions and the new stuff just so you don’t sound like a complete weirdo to everybody else on the street who can probably hear you belting out Natasha Bedingfields I Bruise Easily.


Well this is an obvious one for me, obvious enough that when Mother Nature hits and I’m suddenly all hormonal; instead of
running to the local supermarket to grab some chocolate and ice cream, I’m down at the local Superdrug buying new nail varnish. It’s becoming a bit of a problem really! To the point where even my friends and family have started buying me nail varnish when I get a bit snappy and down.

But anyway, settling down on my bed with my nail files, clippers, varnishes all set out for a good nail pampering session always helps me to feel a bit more chilled out and who doesn’t love freshly painted nails?!

Text a Friend.

I always find that when I’m feeling a bit rubbish it helps to rant or have a little giggle with a close friend or family member. This usually starts off as me ranting about something that has bothered me and then it turns into us comparing how terrible our lives are and how we are going to grow old living on Domino’s pizza with a bunch of cats on a remote island away from society… obviously resulting in a fit of giggles due to never ending sarcastic and ridiculous comments.

Meaning texting anyone, whether it be your Mum about GBBO or your best friend about some girl from high school that you’ve just seen in ASDA, who now looks like a runway model with legs up to her neck, AMAZING cheekbones and dream vintage shoes…. Damn you puberty, damn you. It’s bound to make you forget, at least for 5 minutes, why you were feeling down in the first place.

Read, Write & Colour.

I find that unlike the others, this is one you kinda have to be in the mood for, or at least I do anyway. Don’t get me wrong I love reading and writing but I can’t just sit down, when I’m in a bad mood, with a book and read it… I need to be in the right sort of bad mood if that makes sense? Even when I’m in a good mood, I still have to be in the ‘reading mood’. But still when the mood is right both reading and writing are a great way of taking your mind away for a while as it lets you be somewhere else or someone else and it can give you a fresh view of your situation.

Colouring is also great, and with all the hype about ‘Therapeutic Adult Colouring Books’ I figured it needed to be in here somewhere! It is great to be able to do something that takes concentration but no real brain power, compared to something like reading or writing which can sometimes take a great deal of brain power, especially GoT books! Gheeeez I thought the programme was bad enough, no idea how everyone keeps up with all the names and relationships! But anyway colouring is great, and makes me feel like a 6 year old with no worries again!

Have a Nap.

Bit obvious really? Bad Day = Bed Day. For me I’ve always found that I get very moody when I am tired, so my automatic thing to do if I I start getting grotchy, if it is before about 6pm, I’ll pop off and have a little nap. I find that if I have a nap after 6pm I struggle to sleep at night which makes me even more moody the next day which kinda defeats the point of napping in the first place! The thing with naps if they either leave you feeling refreshed and chilled or they leave you feeling a bit disorientated and even worse than before… suppose its down to the individual and if they feel it is the best option to escape the hell that can be real life.


Food glorious food! There is nothing better than sitting down to your favourite meal, whether that be a classic Bangers and Mash or a nice trip out to Prezzo or even Spoons! (I love a trip to Wetherspoons!) The best feeling in the world is coming in to have a lovely meal or takeaway and a nice chilled night with good company, If you have just come in from a horrible lecture or day at work.


I LOVE flowers, absolutely adore them! I love the way a bunch of flowers can brighten up a room, and make it look a bit classier and girly… not that I’m classy or girly but still! Flowers always make me happy, whether I’ve brought them for myself or if some lovely human-being has brought them for me. When I have a lovely full vase of flowers, for some reason it makes me feel a bit more grown up and as though I have my life together which is a pretty damn good feeling, or is that just me?

And the fact that you can get them pretty cheap from supermarkets is also brilliant, or you can grow your own, but me being the lazy gal I am, every time I attempt to grow flowers or house plants they die (except for the one in this picture, which grow magically on their own in our garden!). How I’ve kept a cat alive for the last year I have no idea! But yeah go buy yourself some lovely flowers and feel like a grown up who doesn’t manage to kill house plants, with your life together and shizz.

Go for a Walk.IMG_2342

So walking and exercise releases these little things called endorphins which make you happy, meaning that the more exercise you do the happier you’ll be. I love a good walk whether it is to the shop to buy bread/ my daily dose of chocolate or on a mini adventure, on a summers day or 1am to see the stars. Yes I love my lazy days with Netflix and a big bowl of Tortellini but a good walk is also brilliant! Also there is this big thing in the sky called a sun, and this thing called fresh air which is also nice and good for you and your skin. So scientifically speaking leaving the house, feeling the sun on your face, breeze in your hair and all that jazz is good for you and will make you feel a little less crappy!


Oh Netflix, you wonderful wonderful thing. It’s amazing how much time it’s possible to waste without realising on Netflix and other TV/movie streaming sites such as SKY Go. It is a wonderful thing and even when I’m not having a bad day, I manage to spend a lot of my time in bed surrounded by the remnants of food with my iPad in lap, probably on my 20-something episode of the day. But it feels even better when you are having a bad day, and you just want to lay in bed, curtains closed, all the food you could possibly need with you and forget the world for a while. Lose yourself in a film, boxset, series, whatever and just pretend that nothing matters.


And if all else fails, have a cuppa! Everything can be solved with a cup of tea, possibly some cake along side it… Not entirely sure how or why tea is capable of this, but it just some how is!

Tea solves everything!!

What are your tips for getting through a bad day?

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Be Happy!



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