My MAC Lipstick wishlist!

I’ve never really been much of a lippy person, except for special occasions and going out as I just don’t really think it suits
me. However more recently I’ve been feeling a bit more adventurous and have started growing my lipstick collection, to attempt to become one of ‘those’ girls!

I’ve always been a bit dubious about using bright colours as my skin is naturally kinda tanned as I catch the sun very easily, so I tend to go for the darker colours or any shade of red rather than pinks.

So as that my lipstick shelf is slowly getting bulkier due to the endless amount of time I spend on beauty websites and my inability to walk past Superdrug or Boots without buying something, I’ve decided that I would share some of my research and recent finds from the MAC website!

Russian Red!

Every girl loves a classic red! I personally prefer the more deep reds, rather than the bright ones as I find they stay on my lips for longer and obviously a good red lippy can pair with everything, or so I’m learning anyway!

Pure ZenIMG_3255

I have been contemplating buying this little beauty for a while now, I love the colour and I don’t think it would be too pale for my skin and I think I would be comfortable wearing this daily rather than jumping in the deep end and wearing bright red every day. The only thing holding me off is I do already currently own a Clinique Chubby Stick in a similar colour which I love and wear too often to be proud off!

Smoked Purple

I LOVE this colour! This will probably be the one I buy next as I will happily wear this every time I go out! When I go out with the girls on birthdays ( which thier are a lot off!) or just for a night out I pretty much always wear red or dark purple lippy as I tend to go a bit grundgey with my outfits.. not sure why but oh well! But anyway I LOVE THIS LIPSTICK!


Similar sort of shade really to Smoked Purple except its a lovely dark red. which is just perfect, best of both worlds really! Dark and Red! Absolute Brill!

Velvet Teddy

This little wonder is a lot like Pure Zen but it’s a little bit darker and more visable. So where Pure Zen would be great for the days when I want my every day make up very subtle, this is great for the days when I’m feeling a bit more adventurous but still want to have natural-ish make up!

So there is my little wish list for new lippys, both everyday and going out examples! Now all I have to do is find a load of money, sell some limbs or not eat for a while so I can afford all of them…

Hopefully will treat myself to one or two in a few weeks time so I will let you all know my thoughts on the ones I eventually decide on!

What are your favourites?

What MAC lippys are currently on your wishlist?

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(All Photos from MAC Website!)


6 thoughts on “  My MAC Lipstick wishlist!

    1. Yeah its seems to be a really popular one! I’ve never tried MAC Lip Liners as I always tend to just use the ones I already have and blend them together a bit haha!


    1. Velvet Teddy seems to be very popular, meaning all the more reason to buy it soon! Haha!
      Oooh, they have lovely names so I will have to check them two out too!

      Liked by 1 person

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