Friday Favourites (4)

Sorry for the lack of Faves last week, I just didn’t think there would be enough new amazingness to fill an entire post!
However this week has been UNBELIEVABLY wonderful! I’ve had a really wonderful summer and yeah it has been pretty relaxed, but that is what I needed! I needed some time with my weird yet wonderful family and some time to myself to recharge and get my ‘Lala-ness’ back. This week has just made all of that so much better and I’m not entirely sure if it was a couple of particular things or a mixture of everything, along side just feeling brilliant but its been great.. just great!

So here are my 5 fan-bloody-tastic things that have happened to me this week!


As I mentioned this last week has been brilliant for the good old ‘Me-Time’ and for relaxing, this being chilling in bed in my PJ’s because its been raining non-stop for the last 48 hours even though it’s the middle of August!.. So what is summer again? Or going out for walks either on my own or with the dog just wondering, exploring and thinking.

It has been a great way to get myself in a good mindset ready for the start of university again, and to rethink things that were previously bothering me about life in general and see them with a new frame of mind, and realise how mediocre they are and how I have been pondering over things that aren’t so important as I first believed.

With university and work staring back up again, I want to be in a really good state to get stuck in and get on the right track straight from the beginning of the year. Unlike last year, where because of a stressful summer I then used my first few weeks as a relaxing period and kinda never got into that ‘good’ frame of mind. But oh well! At least I’m learning from my mistakes!

But anyway, love me some Me-Time, because I love me obvs!


This last week my lovely house-mates have been having the time of their lives in Budapest at a 7 day music festival called ‘Sziget’, I unfortunately was unable to join them due to lack of money and other commitments. So after enduring a week of complete and utter jealously, through never-ending Instagram photos, Snapchats and messages from them all, I have decided that next year I am (hopefully) going to join them! I have researched and researched and decided that if I can save enough I would like to do a mini trip around Europe ending with the festival next August. This would be wonderful and as that it is my 21st next year I’m hoping (and praying!) that my parents will help me out with it.

It shouldn’t cost too much as I’m not planning on a massive trip, maybe 2 or 3 stops before Budapest. Thinking, Vienna, Prague and possibly either Germany or Croatia? Not sure Yet! Fly to the first stop them trains between each and fly back to the UK after Sziget. Will see how the planning goes as its obviously still in the early stages and I need to see if my friends are happy to come along too obvs.

Anywhere you guys would suggest in Europe that has easy access to Budapest/ Hungary?

Abundance of love!

You guys are wonderful! I don’t know why but for some reason in the last couple of days I’ve been receiving a lot more than usual views,likes and comments on my posts! I’ve been feeling so loved over the last few days and it is so lovely to know that someone actually reads my posts. I would still post even if I had no views at all, but still the fact that people actually appreciated and enjoy the random drivel that comes out of my head is a pretty wonderful feeling!

Oh and hey to all you wonderful new followers! Thanks for joining me on this pandemoniacal journey, be prepared not a lot makes sense over here, but I’m certainly having a jolly good time!


This last week, especially the last few days, I have been able to spend a lot of time with my mum without the little
munchkins driving her up the walls every 10 minutes. We have had 2 days without the kiddies to chill and sort the house out before we go on holiday next week, and we have been able to have a few movie nights which has been utterly lovely. Its nice to spend some time with her without her being stressed or pre-occupied.

The last few months have been hard for our whole family but especially her, and its nice to be be able to sit and watch a film with her and pretend like its all okay and everything is finally falling together.

Yes I know I’m 20 and no longer live at home, but everyone needs to spend quality time with their Mum, to me that is what coming home is. Coming home is seeing my little sisters and how much they have changed, staying with my grandad, and spending time with my mum and remind myself that no matter what happens, or how terrible it may seem, she is always there whether I want her to be or not.

Giveaway Winner!

So not sure if you noticed with all the posts and all but I won a giveaway (check it out here!)!!! YAY!! So a few weeks ago2 giveaway 1 I entered a giveaway on a lovely blog written by Ryane (check it out here!) and amazingly I some how won! and I am so excited to receive my little bag of goodies and try out all the little products and review them all and let you all know my thoughts. Its pretty exciting because this is the first time I’ve won a giveaway and it is also coming from ‘across the pond’ in the magical USA meaning the products are ones I wouldn’t usually come across on my normal trips here in the UK.

So yeah I won a giveaway and I’m so so so excited!

Well as you can see I’ve had a pretty good week! and I’m feeling super great about life and all that stuff, hopefully next week can be as briliant!

From Monday I will be on holiday with the crazy famalan so pre-warning about a lack of posts!

What are the highlights of your week?

Keep being super wonderful!

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