Our Short Break in Chapel St Leonards.

This last week has been pretty quiet in terms of posts due to the fact that I went for a little seaside break for 4 nights in a
lovely little village called Chapel St Leonards. Which is very close to Skegness, and if you haven’t ventured out there yet I would really recommend it!

This little getaway was booked via the SUN holidays which are run through the sun newspaper, otherwise known as the £9.50 holidays. Our break ended up costing around £120, including caravan stay, site passes and transport. Which is pretty good considering that it is the end of the summer holidays, the caravan sleeps 8 people and site passes gave us entrance to swimming pools, clubhouse etc. 

So Skegness, not entirely sure what the think of it if I’m honest! Being from Norfolk, I am kinda
surrounded by beaches and seaside towns. I know that a lot of people make a big fuss about Skegness, and I don’t really get it.

Here in Norfolk we have places like Hunstanton, Great Yarmouth, Wells-next-the-Sea (which has all the very picturesque colourful beach huts), Cromer, Holkham, Horsey and I could go on and on and on!  And in terms of the things I expect from a seaside town, Skegness wasn’t that brilliant! It was a lot like Great Yarmouth but smaller, busier and with less ‘jazz’.

But anyway we ventured over to Skegness for the day on Tuesday, and after paying a whopping £7 for parking, myself, Mum and the two sproglets went for a little adventure. We walked along the front, into the amusements and spent lots of money on the 2p machines and into the town area where my mum thought it would be a good idea to get get 4 new tattoos! Then went for dinner in a lovely little restaurant called the Park View which had a lovely view of the sea and the abundance of wind turbines!

The little village we stayed in was like a self contained holiday site, there are a lot and I mean A LOT of caravan sites, a few amusements, a local shop for your everyday necessities, restaurants, and the main clubhouse (which runs a brilliant game of Bingo every hour for £2 a game!) and pool. It was a lot like a Haven Holiday except
because it was all privately run, all the caravan sites were separate but had access to the same services, it was less structured. Such as the public were also allowed into the pools/ clubhouse for a small price. Unlike Haven where it is only holiday makers and owners allowed on site to use the pools etc.

Meaning that there were a lot more people using the site because of it being the school holidays, such as the pools (which
we went and tried out on Wednesday due to it raining all day anyway) were packed as it was only £1.50 for a 3 hour session per adult and for the same price adults could get into the club house at night time.

The lovely thing about where our caravan was situated was that we literally only had to walk over some dunes and we were on the beach, which for someone like me who loves walking and the sound of the sea, is brilliant. Plus because Chapel St Leonards is a village, the beach was practically untouched and always very quiet, I was able to walk about 2 miles and not see a single person on the beach!

I managed to go on a couple of walks and adventures along the seafront but because we were only there for 4 nights, it kinda limited my exploring!
My time on the beach mainly consisted of my sisters running away from the sea, burying their socks, shadow pictures on the sand, finding shells and Evie being unable to walk due to
her trousers being so wet and sandy that she couldn’t stand due to the weight of them!IMG_3305

So yeah, I’ve had a lovely little get away with Mum and the little ones, with lots of 2p’s, smiles and sand. Plus lots of lovely little memories for a very cheap price. Even though Skegness wasn’t fantastic, it was still well worth the money we paid and still lovely as a new adventure!

I also managed to make Grace and Evie into little nail technicians!!

Any cheap little seaside towns you would sugguest?

Have you been on a lovely short break recently?

Hope you have all had a wonderful week!

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