Why I Haven’t Shared My Blog With My Friends and Family

So with my blog becoming a regular thing now and me slowly growing more attached to it,11995488_10207034983411171_1081882024_n I thought I would share with you lovely lot why I decided to keep my blog a bit of a secret from my friends and family.

Basically when I started this blog a few months ago I wasn’t really looking for anyone to read it or to become one of the ‘big’ online bloggers. I just wanted somewhere to share my thoughts and ramble a bit about the random things that my mind often wanders to. Yeah, I could have done that privately on a secret blog but the fact is that its not that I didn’t want anyone to read my little musings, I just didn’t think anyone would read them! Let alone enjoy them!

But here I am with a decent amount of followers and my blog hits slowly growing each and every week!

So why haven’t I shared it with my friends and family?

If I’m honest, I don’t really know. It’s not that I’m embarrassed of my blog or am scared of it being read by the people I know, or anything like that. I suppose it’s a bit like when someone is pregnant, they know that they are pregnant but they save it, enjoy it and embrace their little unborn baby for a while before they let everyone else in. For me I think that’s what I’ve been doing.

I’ve been embracing my little baby blog on my own for a while and letting my blog grow on its own. Rather than just having hits and views from my friends and family!  11995633_10207034983371170_1580873365_n

A few of my friends and my mum know that I have a blog, but no one knows what it is called or has even read any of my posts. If they ask to read it I won’t hide it from them but no one has asked about it yet so I just haven’t shared it with them.

I think another factor is the fact that the people who currently read my blog, I don’t know them, I don’t see them, and unless they comment, like or reblog my posts I don’t even know their opinion of my blog. Whereas if I let my friends and family know about Lalaing Around, they will be able to comment and share their opinions of my posts and about the random things I think about, to my face in real life.

And that kinda scares me a bit.

I know I’m not a fantastic writer, I’m not looking to be a writer. I have grammatical issues, I ramble (A LOT) and usually have a fair few typos within my posts. But this is the space for ME to share my thoughts, and not to be judged on my writing skills. I feel like if my friends and family were reading my posts they may try to give me advice on my writing or tell me where my posts aren’t so fantastic and try to help me write my them.

I suppose this could be me being selfish but I don’t really want any help, I don’t really want anyone else to join in on something that is completely mine. I do appreciate the constructive criticism, such as btw you rambled too much about Domino’s in the last post, but if people start to become little editors or start telling me what to post about, I am likely to grow to dislike blogging.

Which obviously I really don’t want to do. 11950967_10207034983491173_1559595512_n

I think that now that I have gained a some followers and people seem to enjoy reading my posts, I may start to share my blog with the people around me and on my social media. In order to link it all up a bit, as it is odd for me to advertise my social media on my blog but not advertise my blog on my social media.

Maybe with the help of promoting on my social media I will also be able to connect with other bloggers a bit more!

I’m not a very secretive person, and it is amazing that I’ve managed to keep Lalaing Around to myself for so long, but I do think it is time now to share it with my friends and family and let them in on something that is becoming quite important to me. Plus because when I get back to uni it is going to be hard to keep it a secret and as that I’m more secure and confident with my blog now, I feel I know what I want to write about and what help or advice I may need to listen to!

So the blogs coming out guys!

What do you think of keeping a blog a secret?

Did you keep yours to yourself for a while?

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