Giveaway prize unboxing!

As you may have heard a couple of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to win an amazing giveaway that was hosted on Ryane’s blog (check her out HERE) which contained lots of little goodies that I have been eagerly waiting to try out! Thankfully it didn’t take too long for the package to get all the way to me in the UK, and was here waiting for me a week later when I returned from my break at Chapel St Leonards.

So for the last couple of week I have been trying out all the little goodies in order to give you all an insight into my thoughts on them and which ones I love and which ones I’m not too keen on.

So what was in this giveaway I hear you ask? 

Well as that Ryane is from America, most of these products I hadn’t really heard of or haven’t been able to get my hands on them here in the UK. Which is another reason why this prize was so brilliant! Who doesn’t love discovering new products that they love!

But anyway here is a list of what was in my wonderful prize along with a lovely letter from Ryane!

  • Korres Wild Rose Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial Cream
  • X Formula Sheer Strength Nail Polish
  • Chloé Perfume 
  • L’Occitane Dry Skin Hand Cream
  • BareMinerals Marvellous Moxie Lipgloss (Shade Maverick)
  • Boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser Gel
  • Fresh Rose Face Mask
  • Benefit The Pore-Fessional Primer
  • Lovely Sephora Make-Up Bag
  • Milani Lipstick (shade Uptown Mauve)

I figured the best way to the review these beauties would be to just list them and give you my thoughts! Not going to lie some of them I haven’t tried out properly yet as I haven’t really had the opportunity yet!

Also can we just appreciate the little stamp on the box lid?! How cute it that! (or is it just me getting excited over my first American Parcel?)

So the lovely little make-up bag by Sephora! Well isn’t it just really cute? This is the first thing I saw when I opened the box and I absolutely love it! The design is great as I’m not a very girly girl, so to find a make-up bag that isn’t plain or bright pink is great! The only thing I’m not really sure about is the fact that it isn’t wipe-able inside, my make-up (especially my powders) have a tendency to explode everywhere so my currently travel bag is ‘easy clean’ inside. This bag is still a great size, it can easily fit my brushes and my everyday make-up and my toothbrush/paste which is great if I’m going away and don’t want to take my entire make-up case!

Korres Wild Rose Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial Cream (HERE), I am pretty impressed with this, it is very similar to my Nivea face creme but with a lovely scent! I have very dry skin and when I woke up after using a bit of this my skin felt very soft and smelled lovely! I’m really looking forward to seeing what it looks like after a week or so as it is supposed to have an effect on dark spots and overall dryness. Another similarity to my Nivea Creme is that it goes on quite thickly and doesn’t spread very well which I find leaves my face a little sticky. But still such a lovely surprise in the prize and trying to make it last as long as possible before returning to my Nivea Creme, so if you have money to spend I would highly recommend this for someone looking for softer skin, as for me I loved it but is A LOT more expensive than my usual Nivea Creme!

X Formula Sheer Strength Nail Polish, I found that this polish provided an even coat with no lumps or bumps and was pretty easy to apply, it also looks pretty great with only 2 coats! (I found it works best if you apply a thin coat then the thick coat as they dry a lot better!) This one is a lovely sheer pink porcelain colour called Wonderous (check it out here) According to the product description it also contains lots of goodness to help get lovely strong nourished nails, so if you are looking for the good-for-your-nails healthier polish that isn’t too bold, I would recommend these!

Ryane also added an amazing little gift to my giveaway prize in the form of a Milani lipstick  in the shade of Uptown Mauve which is a beautiful bright purpley pink colour (get it HERE) In her note also in the box, Ryane says that she thought it would suit me and she is absolutely right! I am a little bit in love with this colour! I have never really had the guts to go for something so bright but as soon as I put it on I could see all the different outfits I could pair it with and was already planning in my head when I would wear it! So thank you Ryane for adding to my ever-growing lipstick collection and helping me to fall in love with yet another lip colour!

Boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser Gel (HERE)this is one of the things within the box that I am yet to try out, I haven’t really had a chance yet to give it a go but I have read a fair few reviews about it online and it sounds amazing! Apparently it has a slightly warming feeling when in use so that also sounds rather intriguing and apparently it is also pretty great for acne and black heads, so I shall let you guys know my judgement once I’ve given it a go. Clear Skin here I come!

Now this (Benefit The Pore-Fessional Primer) little beauty is wonderful! I love this stuff and I’ve also just found out that it is being stocked in Boots which is amazing! This stuff is able to hide my red patches (which is pretty difficult as I’m a big blotchy mess most of the time!) and it really locks in my makeup so it last a lot longer throughout the day. It also smells pretty wonderful. Plus it is just like a balm to apply! Absolutely wonderful on its own or with make-up! Love it! Will definitely be buying some more! So what are you waiting for? Get yourself some HERE

Fresh Rose Face Mask (HERE) Great face mask, left my face smelling wonderous, and really helped to hydrate and moisturise my face. Really great if you want to feel like you have had an intense pampering but don’t fancy leaving your house and Netflix behind!

BareMinerals Marvellous Moxie Lip gloss (Shade Maverick) Now if I’m honest I don’t really like lip glosses… I find that they remind me too much of being a teenager who liked to smothered their lips in gloss so that they had a layer so thick you could taste it, to take selfies to upload to Bebo.. I also find them to usually be a bit sticky and heavy, compared to lipsticks which you can’t really feel (or taste) on your lips! But I gave this one a go and I do still find the lip gloss to be fairly sticky but the colour lasted a decent amount of time and also smelled pretty good! (A bit like After Eight Mints!) Check this one and the other shades out here! 

Chloé Perfume, this perfume is very soft and feminine and I  have found that you don’t really have to spray it a lot throughout the day as it seems to last a fairly long time on your skin. I am on of those people who prefers to wear perfume everyday rather than body spray, which is probably why I go through perfume so quickly! This is one that I find would be lovely on those summer nights and the fact that I actually had my friends/ family ask me about it must show that it smells absolutely wonderful! Find it here from Boots HERE!  

Finally the amazing L’Occitane Dry Skin Hand Cream (HERE), now this is a product which I have loved for a while now. When I received this I think my mum was happier than I was, as she is starting to get a bit annoyed at me using all of hers! Yes, my mum already owns this hand cream and I swear it is a gift from God! I have been through a fair amount of hand creams in my time, as I suffer with pretty dry skin all over but especially on my hands, to the point where my skin sometimes breaks, gets red and sore/peals when opening bottles and this is by far the best I have come across! Very moisturising but not sticky and leaves your hands feeling soft for AGES! Also this hand cream smells lovely. Definitely a saviour for super dry skin!

So that is everything that I received in my box from Ryane’s giveaway! I loved pretty much everything and some things I will definitely be buying more off.

This prize has also given me lots of inspiration for the types of products I may put in my own international giveaway, which I am planning to host when I reach 100/150 followers!

Don’t forget to check out Ryane’s Blog here! She is such a lovely girl and posts some amazing reviews and tutorials!

Have you tried any of these products? 

Check out my other posts and if you fancy it you can give them a like on Bloglovin! 



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