Slimming world update (6)

Oh hey!! It’s been a while! Soz about that..

 So as you all know I wanted to reach my target of losing 2 stone by the time I went back to university for my 3rd year.

Which surprise surprise has come around so quickly, that it only feel like it was last week that I finished my work placement! It’s weird to think I’ve been at home in Norfolk for nearly 5 months now and that I’ll be going back to Chester in 2 weeks time!

But anyway back to the weight loss and what’s been going on over the last couple of weeks…

So these last few weeks as you guys may have noticed I’ve been pretty quiet when it comes to my weight loss journey, I think my last slimming world update was 3 possibly 4 weeks ago which is terrible of me.

But I think the reasons for this break in posts is because I’ve kinda hit a wall. Basically it feels pretty similar to writers block except it’s my weight that isn’t doing anything. meaning that it hasn’t changed at all within the last month…

I know that I was a little lenient when I went to Chapel St Leonard’s but I still feel like I made some pretty good choices. Even so, the last few weeks I have been pretty much on plan all the time as I’ve been doing quite a few Red Days, keeping my speed food intake high (all the fruit and veg!) and even trying to drink more fluids to the point where I drank 8 cups of tea yesterday! But nothing seems to be working! So I don’t really know where I’ve been going wrong!

This means that I now have 2 weeks till my target and I still have 7lbs to lose which at this rate isn’t going to happen!

Has anyone else experienced this?

It feels a bit like hitting a wall, and because I can’t see the changes on the scales, I’m starting to lose motivation and will power to stick to plan and reach my goal. I have already reduced my goal as I didn’t think I had given myself enough time, as originally I wanted to lose 2.5 stone! But this isn’t even a time limit issue as nothing is changing and surely staying the same for a whole month isn’t right?

Really don’t want to give up because I’ve still managed to lose 22lbs since June but I hate not seeing any changes when I’m putting a fair bit of effort in.

So that being said I thought I would ask you lovely lot for some advice on what you would suggest to do in order to give my body a kick up the bum and reminder that I still have work to do!

I’m going to try drinking more fluids to see if that helps but if not, when it comes to my target date I will just be super proud of how far I have come and keep trying new things until I get there. (Check me out taking body photos!)

Hope you have all had a lovely week!

How are your slimming world journeys coming along?

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