Made With Love 2015 Personalised Plates! 

Just a little family advertising post! 

Basically my Mum has come up with her own little business called Made With Love 2015 (check out the Facebook page here!) and she has decided to start making these lovely little personalised plates!

So when did it all begin? She first started making these Christmas Eve plates last year when she made one for my little sister and posted a photo on Facebook resulting in all of her friends asking for one. So we figured as they were inside high demand why not advertise them for people to buy? And here we are endless pens later and over 150 plates sold and gone! 

They can be designed for any occasion and are completely personalised by the person ordering them. So far she has designed and hand made over 150 plates including Christmas treat, family baubles, best teacher plate, birth announcement and an engagement announcement plate!  

All of these are personalised to the point which she has even had to make a Christmas treat plate for a lovely lady’s two dogs; so instead of children giving treats to Father Christmas it was her two little dogs! So so cute!

All of the plates are hand made by my mum (I occasionally help to colour, ya know therapeutic and all that!) using a high quality porcelain ink, are cooked in the oven for a rather long time resulting in a lovely glossy finish and are dishwasher proof!

Most plates have either been collected or we have hand delivered them. However my mum has recently had a few postal orders including some going overseas to South Africa! They are being posted in very high quality postal boxes with plate sized polystyrene inserts.

She has also recently been invited to attend 3 craft fairs!! Which is pretty brill right?!

So yeah my mum makes plates.

They are pretty wonderful.

If you’d like anymore info feel free to get in contact via my Email

Or via the Made With Love Facebook page: MadeWithLovePlates

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