The Last Year


So its pretty much a year now since I last posted…img_0091

Sorry about that!

I’m not entirely sure why I ended up taking a massive break but it happened! I’ve been thinking about starting the blog up again for a while but haven’t really known where to start because its been so long.

So I figured the best place to start would be to update you lovely lot on all the exciting things that have been happening over the last year..

Lets start with the big one! As of July, I img_0277officially have a degree. Yup, super crazy adult-like stuff. After all the ups and downs, laughs and breakdowns – I have managed to successfully pass all my exams, assessments and the dreaded dissertation and come out with a decent BSc Psychology degree with honours!

Its been a pretty weird year in regards to uni, I’ve loved every second but it’s odd that it’s all now over! So strange saying goodbye to everyone and the housemates knowing we weren’t going back but it’s been a great ride! I’ve met the best people who I know are going to in my life for a long long time, for all the good, the bad, big and little things that are coming! img_0256

Passing my degree also meant that I, the one who had numerous breakdowns and duvet cocoon days due to my dissertation, is going to be starting a Masters course in Clinical and Child Psychology in about a week! This has meant that I’ve had to move back home to Norfolk and leave my beautiful Chester (don’t worry, I will be going back). It’s taken a while to get used to being back home and getting used to the fact that I live here again, especially since apart from my family I don’t really have many people here but I’m sure when I get settled on my new course it’ll be fineeee!img_0330

But yeah get ready for lots of insta-worthy Cambridge coffee shop days, train journeys and posts about fields!

Anyway so as some of you will know, this year I turned 21! Which was kinda exciting, I didn’t really see turning 18 or even 20 as the beginning of ‘adulthood’ as I was still at uni and still had the room to be as stupid as I wanted and make mistakes without it having disastrous effects! Anyway… for some reason turning 21 is different. In my head I see this as the age where you’re supposed to kinda have your shit together? (I don’t btw. lol jk.) But I’m working on it.  img_0039

For my 21st my lovely mum booked and paid for a 4 day all inclusive trip to Barcelona in April, which was absolutely brill! I haven’t been away in so long and Barcelona has been on my list for years so it was lovely to go and have an explore of an absolutely beautiful city. We went to the usual sights such as Park Guell, the cathedrals, Gothic quarter and a few of the little seaside towns around the city. I shall eventually do a post dedicated to Barcelona to express my love for this artsy city of wonder!

So what else has happened over the last year? Not a lot of super excitement tbh. I’ve gained a slight obsession with sushi and red wine and watched a lot of Netflix!

But yeah that’s about it! I do have lots of little update posts for slimming world, trips and a few new things coming up in the scheduled posts over the next few weeks! I’m going to go back to basics and easing myself back in to posting again.







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