20 Things To Do Before I Turn 25

The whole growing up malarky seems to be hitting me rather hard recently with a lot of my friends settling down and buying houses and being ‘proper’ grown ups. As well seeing lots of engagement and birth announcements from people I went to high school with on facebook!

It has made me realise that its not going to be long before I will be thinking about that kinda stuff (that is if some lovely man eventually comes along and can deal with all this craziness!).

So… I made a list of a few, well 20, things I would love to do before I turn 25.

  • Travel.

Not going to lie, I’m a fairly untraveled person, so this is a definite must do for me. I have so many places that I’d love to go such as Santorini, America, Brazil, Italy and lots lots more!

  • Holiday/ day trip alone.

This is one that I’ve had recommended by lots of older people! I would love to be able to travel and have weekends away alone somewhere to have some proper me-time and pretend to be a proper independent adult! Plus who doesn’t want to look all sophisticated/artsy in a gallery/museum alone? Maybe a prince will come along and I can finally become Blair Waldorf..

  • Cinema/dinner alone

I’ve always been a bit self-conscious of doing things on my own as I feel like I’d look like a bit of an idiot sat eating dinner out on my own! But since moving away for uni and then having to move back home, I am slightly missing my adultish freedom, me-time and doing things on my own. Plus another to boost the old strong independent woman image.

  • Learn to bullet journal

It seems that everyone is doing this now, and as much as I love my Master Planner I would love to not have to conduct a full on investigation to ensure a planner is perfect and has all my ‘essential’ compartments when I could just create my own with a bullet journal.

  • Window-sill garden

Since starting Slimming World I have started to become a little more adventurous with my cooking so would like to start using more fresh home-grown ingredients. We already grow lots of veggies and salady bits in the garden/greenhouse, but its only me who uses herbs/spices so we only need a small compact selection. Plus a window-sill herb garden would be pretty cute!

  • Lots of Volunteering

I have loved volunteering in the past but it’s mainly been to enhance my CV and gain experience for my future, so I want to do some that truly has no immediate benefit for myself and is mainly for others. I’ve always wanted to volunteer in somewhere like a soup kitchen at Christmas, hospitals or homeless shelters, so I’m going to try and get as much in while I still have time and no serious commitments.

  • Master the Basic Cooking

As I’m getting older and the old biological clock is ticking, I figured it’s about time I became a domestic goddess. I want to learn and master the basics such as bread, jam, pasta and perfect a few proper meals that don’t just involve chucking some pasatta and mixed herbs in pasta. Plus got a be prepared for if the zombie appocolypse occurs right?

  • Learn First Aid/Paeds

I currently already hold a certificate in Mental Health First Aid however me being me I want the whole set. When I was younger Icompleted a first aid course with the scouts and I’d love to update this and gain a paediatric first aid certificate too as that my end career goal heavily involves children so as well as boosting my ego it would be pretty beneficial for the future.

  • Learn another Language/Sign Language

I’ve tried pretty much everything to learn a language, it’s mainly always been German as this is what I did for GCSE. Last year I got quite far but never to a comfortable semi-fluency so I’d like to give this another proper go. I’d also absolutely love to learn sign language, I already know the basics but with going into working with developmental disorders this would be super helpful!

  • Give Blood

Obvious really, could save a life or two, not sure why I haven’t done it yet!

  • Learn Computer Coding

Similar to learning a language I guess, not entirely sure why this is something I want to do or even need to do. But it would fulfil my inner geek, so why not!

  • Camping

I love camping. Always have. Love being outside, the noises, the stars, the camp fire and intimacy of camping. As a kid we used to live in a tent in the back garden every summer and then I joined the scouts and started doing it properly for a few years. But since then I’ve not set foot in a tent, I’d love to go proper camping with friends at least once before life takes over and we become proper grown ups.

  • Family History

My grandma before she passed started looking into our family history going back to the early 1800’s and I’d love to continue her work. Like a personal ‘who do you think you are?‘ Episode!

  • World Celebration

Every year I always say I’m going to celebrate some kind of foreign holiday such as thanks giving or the Chinese new year etc but for some reason I haven’t done it yet. I’d love to go to Spain and take part in the tomato throwing festival which is also a religious celebration but I think doing something like thanksgiving at home would be more likely to happen!

  • Book Club

I love reading and I’ve read a fair amount of books, but it seems that lately I’ve been running out of things to read as everything is the same kind of thing. So I’ve been thinking of joining a book club, so if anyone knows of any online or East of England based book clubs let me know! Also I’m attempting to do the Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge which is like 370 books long, it’s deffo going to take a while!

  • Make a New Tradition

Me and mum started a tradition when I was about 12 where at christmas time every year we sit and binge watch all the Indiana Jones films with lots of goodies and cosy blankets. It’s something that I look forward to every year and even my littlest sisters, who are only 3 and 7 have started to join in! I’d love to start a new tradition like a specific walk on bonfire night or mince pies at christmas, just something that when I move out can start with my SO/ family and pass on.

  • Save Save Save

Well it’s pretty obvious that with getting older you need more pennies and with the state of this list I need to start saving for both the usual growing up stuff like moving out etc as well as to fund this monster!

  • Binge Watch Friends/ Popular TV Shows

I’m one of those people who hasn’t really seen Friends, yeah I know I need to reevaluate my life…So I want to spend a couple of days, probably when I’m in hermit mode from the world to binge watch all the essential old TV shows like Friends and How I Met Your Mother etc.

  • A Week Without Internet

This is a definite requirement for me and I already have the dates booked into my diary! I think with everything being so technology and internet based, its important to spend a little time away to refresh and gain some perspective without the pressure or influence of the internet and social media. Obviously I’m not going to completely drop off the face of the earth as I have people who are majorly important, such as my best friends who I can only speak to over text or internet, but I will be taking a step back even if it is just removing the social media apps for a week!

  • Pick A Party.

I think this is a vital part of being a grown-up especially with everything that is happening within the UK at the minute, plus I’m pretty opinionated so why not be politics opinionated too eh?  Not going to lie, I don’t really have a clue when it comes to politics, I know the basics and I enjoy Question Time for the arguments but that’s it. I want to look into it properly and pick a party or at least figure out where I stand with it all. As even though for the last 3 years I’ve always voted when given the chance I need to make sure that I know what I’m voting for.

  • Appearance Change

I’ve pretty much looked the exact same since I was about 12 except my eyebrows are a little better and I’ve discovered foundation. So I think I need to experiment with my appearance to know what suits me while I can still get away with looking like an idiot if it goes wrong. Also I want to attempt wearing lipstick more as I always wear it on a night out but I want to be adventurous and try it in the day time too!


Well with all of that to do I best get on it as it seems I have a lot to do in 3.5 years!

What are some of the things you want or wanted to do before you turned 25?




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