Reasons I unfollowed you on Twitter

So recently I decided to go on a unfollowing spree on both my Instagram and Twitter.
This brought to my realisation some of the things that I find really annoying and can act as a factor in whether or not I continue to follow you or decide to end our Twitter/ Instagram relationship.

So except for the obvious reasons such as rude, offensive, narcissistic bragging, here are my reasons behind unfollowing people.

You tweet every 2 seconds things no one understands unless you are there or have read the previous 6000 tweets.

You live tweet a film, programme etc. People please stop ruining GBBO for others. Yes I know so and so at having a right mare with their gingerbread house. But I would like to see the epic collapse and breakdown for myself without the pre-warning from your tweets.

You live tweet while binge watching Netflix. No one wants to be reminded every 5 seconds about what happens in the first 2 seasons of the walking dead. It may have taken a while but we have all moved on.

You only tweet emojis. Like what does 🙃💁🏼🙈🦄 even mean. No one knows except you. Are you starting a Twitter conversation with yourself? Are you communicating with outer space? We will never know.

You retweet adverts or things that are possibly and probably scams. No one believes that if you favourite and retweet a gold plated iPhone 7 is going to drop through your letter box. Soz bbz.

And no I don’t want a free trial of Herbalife.

#You #Hashtag #Every #Damn #Word, #And #A #Whole #Thesaurus #Like #It’s #Going #Out #Of #Fashion.

Why do people feel the need to use every single hashtag imaginable even on the most mundane update? No, Please stop.

So yeah I’ve been discovering over the last few weeks that you don’t owe it to anyone to continue to follow them despite their irritating posts or annoying photos!

But don’t worry guys this isn’t like a strict set of rules that I religiously abide by, not going to lie I’ve probably done a few of these in myself in the past. I’m just saying that recently these are the ones along with many other reasons, such as drifting/ no longer in contact or no longer interested in the subject matter, of why I no longer wish for certain updates on my feed.

What are some of the things that may make you unfollow someone?


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