6 shows that I’m currrently watching on Netflix

IMG_3216Everyone loves a good Netflix session, whether it’s watching a show in the background while pottering around the house or settling down with lots of snacks for a binge! Especially now with days getting darker and colder, it’s growing even more tempting to settle down with a blanket and and dig into Netflix. Plus with Netflix providing such a wide range of shows, documentaries and films you’re pretty much guaranteed to find something to keep you entertained. So with all that choice I thought I’d share what I’ve been watching over the last few months!

Also here’s a #tbt picture of baby Jaffa chilling with Made In Chelsea! 

  • Gilmore girls 

Not going to lie up until about 2 months ago I had never even heard of Gilmore Girls, probably because I was only 13 when the final season was aired.. But since it has been added to Netflix and with the highly publicised revival coming out  in November I figured I had to give it a go! Of course I fell completely in love with it and have been slightly obsessed ever since! It’s full of witty one liners and sarcasm along with story lines that aren’t completely insane and fictional but not completely normal that it becomes boring.

I managed to binge watch the first 3 seasons within a couple of weeks and now I can’t get enough!


  • Jessica Jones/ Luke Cage

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE Marvel, its kinda borderline obsessive. Marvel mixed with sarcasm and wit is the best possible combination. Basically anything that’s like Deadpool. Introducing Jessica Jones, which follows a sharp-tongued, dark superhero who also runs her own PI service. Jones is witty and clever but also hard-drinking, confused and doing a terrible job of masking mental health issues. From all of this she seems very relatable, until, she lifts up a car or throws a guy through a building.

Also who doesn’t want to see a bit of David Tennant back on our screens!

Now Luke Cage..
The show that broke Netflix. Luke is introduced in the JJ series when she find out he also has powers and they get into a bit of trouble then form a pretty simple ‘relationship’. He is quite heavily involved in the JJ series and this made me want to try his to see where his story took him. Not going to lie, I’m not a giant fan. I didn’t get as gripped as I did with JJ so I haven’t actually finished it yet! But I think this is because the storylines are structured completely differently and Luke is a more serious character unlike Jessica who is very witty and sarcastic.


  • The Returned img_1880-1

I don’t really know how I came across this suspense drama filled series but I’m so so so thankful I did! The series is based on the French series ‘Les Revenants‘ and follows the stories of a group of people who have returned from the dead. However unlike The walking dead etc the returned individuals don’t come back as zombies, they come back exactly as they were before they died, completely unaware that any time has passed. It starts of by introducing a young girl called Camille who died in a vehicle accident and comes back four years later unaware that she had died. The show follows through the reactions of those around her as well as discovering that she’s not the only one to return, slowly introducing other characters and connections with lots of flashbacks to life before and after the characters died and then the aftermath of returning.

Anyway, from episode 1 I was hooked and ended up watching the entire season in one day! I’m so gutted that it has been cancelled after just 1 season but if you’re looking for something to binge or something gripping to fill the suspense filled hole in your life then this is it.

And if you get as hooked as me you can always start on the French version!


  • Suits

A good friend has been trying to get me to watch Suits for over a year now and recently I gave in to see what all the fuss was about! I thought it would be a bit like Scandal or other Lawyer type programmes.. How wrong was I!

The first season is fairly episodic with the extemely witty pair focusing on the case of the week but later it shifts to more in-depth story lines once all the characters have been introduced properly.While still using the straight to the point wit we all love, along with lots of philosophical quotes about getting your shit together!

Plus there’s enough plotting and back-stabbing to give Game of Thrones a run for its money!


  • That 70’s Show

This is one that I like to put on in the background while pottering or when I’m not in the mood for paying attention so need something I can jump in and out of without getting lost. So I’m only actually a couple of seasons in but basically That 70’s Show is a’Feel Good Sitcom’ similar to The Big Bang Theory or Friends.

It’s a comedy centered around six characters living in the crazy seventies, who weren’t adults but conflicted, confident, amusing teenagers who had a decade to come to terms with themselves and growing to become adults. It’s has something that everyone can relate to full of clever witty jokes and so easy to watch.


What shows do you settle down with on Netflix?


2 thoughts on “6 shows that I’m currrently watching on Netflix

    1. It’s brill, I’ve now moved onto the original French version.. I hadn’t heard of it either until I started watching it, which is odd as it stars a few actors from ‘big’ movies so a bit weird that it’s not advertised much! Hope you enjoy them! xo


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