Slimming World Update

As that I’m in the theme of updates, I figured it is probably about time I updated you all on my Slimming World/ Fitness Journey.IMG_2837

As I mentioned in this post I kinda took an unplanned year long break from blogging.. but thankfully I didn’t take a year off from exercise or SW! So as you may have guessed, a lot had changed including my plan and mindset but first I should probably let you all know about my progress so far and my new updated goals and why it’s all kinda changed!

So over the last year not only did I reach my ‘club10’ but a couple of weeks ago I gained my 3.5 stone award.. Which is super crazy stuff! This has also meant that in this process I am now comfortably a size 10 in bottoms/ an 8 on top! Annnd I’m only 5lbs away from my 4st award, which is my target that I set right at the beginning of my journey over 18 months ago! 

That seems like such a long time ago now! 

Along the way I’ve discovered some new tricks and habits which have been super beneficial for my diet as well as learning a hell of a lot about myself.

I’ve actually got to the point now where I’m pretty happy with where I am on this journey, I’m no longer freaking out whenever I go shopping or turning down social events because I’m worried about feeling silly or having nothing comfortable to wear. It’s absolutely bonkers how a couple of daily changes and changing a couple of things on the shopping list can have such a big impact on your mental health and happiness.

I still have binges, I still have days where I lay in bed and  consume only tea and chocolate, and I still have the odd very bad day when I don’t eat or drink anything at all. But it’s not as bad and better controlled through having a proper routine and a better mental health.img_1475 Instead I now eat ‘reasonably’ alright, usually SW friendly but with a few extra treat days now that I’m settled and close to target.

This is where my plan has kind of changed.
I still follow slimming world using my Healthy Extra’s and syns but I’m a little more lenient. Not so much that I have an entire week off plan but I allow myself that extra bit of milk for a cuppa, or allow myself to dive into a meal out with a friend if I know I’ve been good or I’d be angry at myself for not going. I’d rather give myself the leeway and be a little bit over target if I know I will be happier, as I know that those extra 2 or 3lbs are memories that I’ve made and my mental health cushioning.

And I joined a gym. Yup you read that right.

I. Joined. A. Gym. I only go a couple of times a week then swimming once a week but its definitely more than before and certainly better for me than binging Netflix with a box of Krave everyday. Plus it helps to counterbalance the treats… ish anyway! It’s early days so no gym routines from me any time soon! I’ve only just mastered the door code..

So my new goals.

  • To maintain a comfy size 10
  • To stay within 4lbs of target- 9st6 – 10st.
  • To drink lots- I still struggle to drink more than 1 litre a day!
  • To go swimming or to the gym at least twice a week.
  • Stick with SW plan using HE’s week days and weekends off.



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