12 Quotes To Get You Through The Rough Times 

Blake Lively- Glamour Mag
Sometimes I wake up and feel like I have nothing to give, I have literally no motivation to do anything but lay in bed in my cosy little duvet bubble and not deal with the world for a few hours. Sometimes there is a reason behind this, such as a bad or hectic few days or sometimes it just happens for no reason. I wake up and BAM! Life is just like here’s a giant dose grotchiness!

Recently this has been happening a lot, and over the years I’ve found that these breakdowns and bad days are super helpful in making me stronger in the long run. But in that moment, when it’s all gloomy, is when I feel at my weakest and sometimes nothing seems to help.

As much as I love my duvet bubble and snoozing all day, sometimes it just isn’t possible. I can’t take a day off to sleep or have lots of cat cuddles and wait it out, I just have to get my shit together push through it, like the big grown-up girl I am.

One thing I have found that on those days when I have to be a grown-up, having a little inspiration from others really helps. My best friends have a tendency to spam me texts/photos with vom-worthy, inspirational quotes, so here is just a little dose of everything-is-going-to-be-fine to keep you going and help you to be the sassy grown-up you are even when you feel like it’s all falling apart.

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Things That Make Me Feel Thankful 

This week with Thanksgiving coming up and us brits recently celebrating remembrance day, there has been many reasons to be grateful and to think about who, what and why we are thankful, for both the big and small.

I’m talking about those big moments such as a big life event or little such as when you’re doing something very mundane, like sat talking with friends or watching TV and you get an overwhelming wave of happiness. Over the last few months I’ve had lots of these, such as my university graduation where I’ve been sat talking about everyday things with friends and just burst into img_2098tears because of how happy and thankful I am to be surrounded by such amazing people and opportunities.

However sometimes these things can go unnoticed in everyday life, but every now and then it’s good to just sit and notice these little things, (and even have a little cry, if you want to look a bit odd like me), that make every day so wonderful, and be thankful.  Read More »

Reasons I unfollowed you on Twitter

So recently I decided to go on a unfollowing spree on both my Instagram and Twitter.
This brought to my realisation some of the things that I find really annoying and can act as a factor in whether or not I continue to follow you or decide to end our Twitter/ Instagram relationship.

So except for the obvious reasons such as rude, offensive, narcissistic bragging, here are my reasons behind unfollowing people.

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The Last Year


So its pretty much a year now since I last posted…img_0091

Sorry about that!

I’m not entirely sure why I ended up taking a massive break but it happened! I’ve been thinking about starting the blog up again for a while but haven’t really known where to start because its been so long.

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Just a little rambling…

 So over the last few weeks I have pretty much been dead to the blogasphere, sorry about that but I’ve had a lot going on! I honestly don’t have a clue where to start, it’s been a bit of a bitter-sweet few weeks. There has been lots of amazing things which I could easily cry big happy tears over but then there has been lots of things that could very easily make me get back in bed with all the food and hide under the duvet for a good 2 weeks. It seems that everything that has been happening has either got a happy silver lining or a horrible dark sad shadow hanging over it depending on how optimistic you’re feeling.

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