12 Quotes To Get You Through The Rough Times 

Sometimes I wake up and feel like I have nothing to give, I have literally no motivation to do anything but lay in bed in my cosy little duvet bubble and not deal with the world for a few hours. For those days here is just a little dose of everything-is-going-to-be-fine to keep you going and help you to be the sassy grown-up you are even when you feel like it’s all falling apart. 

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20 Things To Do Before I Turn 25

The whole growing up malarky seems to be hitting me rather hard recently with a lot of my friends settling down and buying houses and being ‘proper’ grown ups. As well seeing lots of engagement and birth announcements from people I went to high school with on facebook! It has made me realise that its […]

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Friday Favourites (4)

Sorry for the lack of Faves last week, I just didn’t think there would be enough new amazingness to fill an entire post! However this week has been UNBELIEVABLY wonderful! I’ve had a really wonderful summer and yeah it has been pretty relaxed, but that is what I needed! I needed some time with my […]

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