Slimming World Update

As that I’m in the theme of updates, I figured it is probably about time I updated you all on my Slimming World/ Fitness Journey.IMG_2837

As I mentioned in this post I kinda took an unplanned year long break from blogging.. but thankfully I didn’t take a year off from exercise or SW! So as you may have guessed, a lot had changed including my plan and mindset but first I should probably let you all know about my progress so far and my new updated goals and why it’s all kinda changed!

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Slimming world update (6)

Oh hey!! It’s been a while! Soz about that..

 So as you all know I wanted to reach my target of losing 2 stone by the time I went back to university for my 3rd year.

Which surprise surprise has come around so quickly, that it only feel like it was last week that I finished my work placement! It’s weird to think I’ve been at home in Norfolk for nearly 5 months now and that I’ll be going back to Chester in 2 weeks time!

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Slimming world (5)

Slimming World, weightloss, motivation…

All things I am slowly losing my grip on.

This last week hasn’t been fantastic. Well if I’m honest it has been absolutely terrible and I have no idea why. I haven’t been really emotional or busy to cause my lack of focus on my goal and plan. But for some reason I’m getting to the stage in this journey where I can’t be bothered and I’m losing all motivation to keep going. Read More »

Slimming world and life update! (4)

So with all the different things going on this last week and especially the last few days I figured that I should update you all on my life as well as my weight loss journey.

Right, so lets start with the life update!

As you will know if you follow me on twitter, my computer decided to die/ go into a technological coma on me yesterday morning. I currently have no idea what is wrong with it but it definitely isn’t very well as it wont turn on. Meaning that my slimming world update has been postponed while I get the new laptop up, organised and running and while my beloved desktop in at the repair shop. So hopefully it will be fixed and back to normal sometime next week so until then I am giving this new laptop a whirl as a test run for when I return to university and see how we get on!Read More »

Slimming world! (week 3)

So this week I’ve tried to stick to plan every day, but due to me having a bit of a sweet tooth and my hormones finally settling out I’ve had a few hiccups!

Good points:

  • I’ve stuck to plan 80% of the week
  • I’ve been within my syns!
  • I’ve used my healthy extras every day!
  • Even managed 3-4 red days! Which is a miricle since I love me some carbs!
  • My roast on Sunday was even within my syns which is a first!
  • Drinking a hell of a lot more even if it is in tea form!

Bad points:

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